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Harry Houdini, born as Ehrich Weiss in Budapest in 1874, was one of the greatest entertainer of our time. He understood at an early phase that the key to catch the audience was in the story telling. Getting people to identify themselves with ” the little man who defied all odds” and taking them on a journey with an uncertain outcome.

Throughout all of his performances; excitement, uncertainty and the moment of magic were key factors. He was so successful at it that he became a trademark for the impossible, long after his demise.

Harry Houdini made a fortune as a vaudeville performer. He was a technical pioneer and became the first man to fly an aircraft across Australia. He was also a diligent writer and produced large amounts of articles and books. He dedicated a great part of his life revealing con artists and charlatans who claimed capabilities in the paranormal field. Furthermore he appeared in movies often performing dangerous stunts and in 1921 he founded his own movie production company, The Houdini Picture Corporation. Harry Houdini created a huge collection of literature, mainly on the subject illusionism. He did so to compensate his lack of education.

Harry Houdini died of appendicitis on halloween, october 31 1926. But before he passed away, Harry Houdini made a promise to his wife Bess that, if it was possible, to communicate with her from “the other side”. The couple agreed to that Bess, for ten years after his demise, would try to reconnect with her husband through seances. She eagerly tried to do it, but the escape artist was never heard from again…

On the day, 73 years after Harry Houdini passed away, the company Houdini Group AB was founded. At an early stage it was clear that these new digital times demanded a new sort of escape artist. The audiences of the 20:th century still wants to see excitement, be stimulated and entertained. They want to be fascinated, seduced and horrified. And in order to do so it takes, nothing less, than a genuine artist. That artist is Houdini Group AB…

As a company, Houdini Group AB is specialized in combining interactivity with film. We transform our customers messages and brands to a experience that surprises, engages and inspires. That means more frequent and longer stays/visits and better basis for the visitor to remember the message and to act as the sender wants to. All in all; communication with measurable results!

Our production has created great use and attracted attention to customers like…

Let the show begin!!

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