Evoke the mind

Many say that film is the one channel that concerns the most and it also has the incomparable/unprecedented ability to evoke emotions and affect us in different ways. Many of our customers are in the middle of a transformation or in the need of teaching something. Sometimes our customers wants the viewer to act, sometimes to reflect. Regardless, they turn to film in order to reach out to us so we can help.


The technique is important in film production, but not decisive. Today, the technological development is extreme and new innovations and systems replaces each other. At the same time, prices are going down. To us, technique is a tool. A very important tool that we have to fully master but at the same time be an aid that can be adjusted after the customers needs. The decisive factor whether a film turns out well or not is not the resolution or if we use 3D-animation. It is how the story is told. This is where you affect another human being, and we are experts at doing that. Our employees has a long solid experience of film production in various contexts. Our experience stretches from reportage, documentary films, conference coverage, commercials, news, education, web casts, broadcasts… the list is endless… We sometimes do joint productions but mostly we have overall responsibility.

The process

Film projects is often associated with completely different conditions. Sometimes there is a manuscript from start and sometimes one might have to shoot material in different locations. There are times one needs a studio or maybe the film is to be shown to a bigger audience abroad. Regardless, where you are with your project, we can provide professional service in every step. In most cases the process contains the following elements:

  • Goal setting – In this step the aim and purpose of the project is defined.
  • Research and manuscript – This is where all research is done and the manuscript is written. On occasion a story boards is made.
  • Production planning – Based on an approved manuscript, the shooting is planned.
  • Filming/Shooting – Shooting of environments, interviews or the production of animation, 3D etc.
  • Post processing – Editing of the film is made in a variety of drafts/designs.
  • Mastring – Based on an approved draft/design sound engineering, color corrections and format conversion is made.

Please take a look in our portfolio on how our customers chose to work with film.

Studio recordings opens to a lot of possibilities. For example chromakey, where we can establish a virtual studio environment. Another common use are for discussions and conversations.
We have developed our own video player. A smart one! Functionalities like powerpoint synchronization to video, subtitles, chapter classification for a fast navigation and also a search function down to word level. Type in the word you are looking for and you will get a list with quick links to all the places in the film where your search word is mentioned. Feel free to look at our player at:
Today there are normally three different image resolutions for HDTV, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. P stands for progressive scan and I for interlaced. This indicates the number of lines in which a picture is made of. Swedish TV recommends 720p over 1080i. They do so because the flat screens of today uses a progressive method to create the image.

Film projects