Transport competence


To estimate knowledge and competence is sometimes hard. With people, who often has varied background and experiences, the estimation becomes ever harder.

Validation is a method which describes someone competence as well as ensures that the process is up to standard against quality and legality.  In an validation process it is important that the documents that are issued has legitimacy within the industry and the educational judiciary on a national level.

TYA commissioned Houdini to construct a web based solution whose purpose is to act as a support for the validation of e.g. truck drivers. The website is designed to work as a tool in order to ensure competence. This comprises both information which is directed towards the user as well as functions for them to validate their knowledges.

The result was an Open Source-based website where Houdini developed the system, a self-assessment module and filmed material. The site has, since it was launched, been frequently used and further development is ongoing.

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