CPC for truck drivers


From 2009 and onwards a new legislation for professional drivers who does transports with heavy load within the EU is implemented. The new requirements was introduced at the same time in all EU-countries as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. A CPC is valid for five years and the driver must within these five years participate in an education which consists of five different courses. All in all thirty five hours of education. TYA is licensed by The Swedish Transport Board to arrange educations adapted to these new demands.

TYA wanted to create a common ground for all their educators in order to secure the quality of the courses. The level and extent of the content has to be the same for every participant.

Houdini created an educational concept with these five courses; eco-driving, freight transports, laws and regulations, ergonomy and secutity & customer focus. For each and every course a schedule and a book was made. This material was supplemented with films, presentation material and different types of group exercises.

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