Houdini creates interactive solutions where the users' experiences are central, whether the sender want to educate, sell, create relations or to entertain. Therefore, using media interactivity thus of a powerful tool we then create a dialogue between the sender and recipient on the web or in your mobile.
We strive/aim towards a creative focus in our projects. Manuscripts, form and technique/engineering interacts in order to reach our and our customers goals. None of these separate parts is allowed to take the upper hand since the result always is dependent of the interaction between them. We know that an interactive production not only have to be pedagogical and intuitive but also communicative and engaging. Consequently we gather inspiration from a variety of expressions in all our productions, for example, films, games, traditional advertising and eLearning.
The web
The web is central for Houdini. We focus on concept and development of interactive content where the experience is central. We want to create interactive communication solutions that inspires, engages and surprises.
Houdini has a long experience of interactive education, eLearning. We create engaging and effective courses which can be distributed on the internet or as a complement to classroom educations. Houdini has on several occasions won awards for innovative interactive educations at the Swedish Learning Awards.
Open Source
Houdini is largely working with publication systems based on Open Source. That give us and our customers access to a licence free and free of charge tool which is based on a general established technique and an open architecture. These solutions are easy to use and they are cost efficient when it comes to various modifications, all in favour of our customers needs. These type of solutions have a broad and knowledgeable development base and there are amounts of public modules and functions which can be included in an installation.
Sociala Media
Thus a company one communicates always on his contacts' terms. The amount of blogs, micro blogs, forums, social platforms and cooperative sites are extremely valuable information and insights that reveal how clients and audiences experience a brand and the company behind it. Houdini helps create strategies to listen, participate and engage.
Today's apps for smart phones and tablets, are a new and interesting way for our clients to reach out to their target group/audiences. We create apps as tools for education or to spread information.
WordPress is a blog and content management system written in PHP and that uses MySQL databases for data storage. It is distributed under a GNU General public license and can be downloaded and used, free of charge. It is one of the most popular publishing systems on the market and it is found on thousands of blogs and websites.
Joomla! is a free open source content management system written in PHP and that uses MySQL databases for data storage. Joomla! has a lot of plug-ins, modules and templates. The plug-ins manages the appearance of a website, not the functionality.

Web projects